Food that is just right!! Hi. I would like to say that I love the food at your restaurants Thays Y Food and On The Go. I love the non veg platter, the kababs, the butter chicken and the mutton Rogan Josh, not to forget the rotis, naans, kulchaas, etc. Aaaah, just thinking about it is making my mouth water... !!!!! Of course, the satisfaction quotient is simply amazing.... so so good !!!

I also love the ambiance of your restaurants.

At this point, having a really full and satisfied tummy does not stop me from having the mud souffle .... Aaaaahh, amazing stuff!!!! My daughter, Nadine, has a full one by herself and refuses to share hers with anyone else, while my wife, Lolita, and I share one portion, simply because we became too full eating the yummy starters and main course. We also like the blue-berry cheese cake.

We thank you guys for running these restaurants for FOODIES like us. Cheers and all the best,


Your food is good. More than the good the attitude is good. Love to visit on the go. Waiting for you to introduce the . A NAN MIKA. in the menu. The great chilli cheese nan. With so much new choice of food available , we still look forward to coming to your place. That says it all.


That's Y Food and On The Go are absolutely fine dine places. A second home. Subtle and classy in its ambience so we all love it.

Darshak - Meghna - Arya - Veer

Since TYF opened, have not gone home dissatisfied. The food, the service is awesome. The ambience is pleasing..A place I boast about is TYF and Now ON THE GO. Thanks Rajana and your team for this initiative in food starved town.

Priya Bhansali

Thats Y Food is one of the best restaurants in town which serve very good north Indian cuisine.

The starters are amazing, and the portions pretty good. The "Well-to-do mushrooms" has been one of my favorites for a long time now. Main course gravies are just mouth watering, which are served with a wide variety of breads. And of-course, the desserts can hardly be ever compared to anything (There are times when I have gone there just for Mud Soufflé) The restaurant also hosts food festivals every couple of months, with the aim of bringing new cuisines and flavors to the city.

Sneha Narula, Bangalore

The Quality of the Food was really good. The serving was really good. The Person who served me had a smile on his face every time he approaches me. It attracts me a lot as if he had no problem in this hotel. That itself made me to have a positive approach on the restaurant.Also the food was amazing. Waiting for the next trip o'er there !!!!!!!!!!!!

Stewart Kirubakaran, Coimbatore

One of the best restaurant in coimbatore located in prime area R.S.Puram. Ambience is too great. Better to go with reservation, if its after 8 pm. The place is full during weekends and people wait for a long time. They have both North Indian cuisine and Italian/Mexican. Food is simply Excellent!!! It’s a delight.Their desserts are too good. Definitely a "Must-try" restaurant in coimbatore. Suited for all occassions. Outdoor seating is very good. Strongly recommend this place.

Rujila, Bangalore

I had stayed in Coimbatore for a while earlier and I never came across good Italian food anywhere. However, in one of my last visits I ate at On the go and found it to be quite nice. The pastas were tasteful and the place served good desserts as well. The restaurant is nicely done up, which wasn't a surprise, having been to the original That's Why Food in R.S. Puram. A must visit for anyone having an italiain food and sweet craving.

Harshita, Mumbai

Otg is a perfect blend of fine dinning and casual atmosphere Must try Bashed up potatoes and the mushroom starter

Shivani Hoon

That's y food/on the go not only has great food, it also has amazing deserts, which are to die for. Along with the good music and ambience, it is a must visit place in Coimbatore.

Geeta Menda

Hi folks, Tyf and on t go introduced coimbatore to fine dining..friendly place serving awesome food..the desserts are simply just great....love their smoothies as well ...surely...the mud pie which they serve is always coimbatore s favourite. Tyf /ONG remains to be my favourite place and my only option to host lunches /dinners to small groups of guests. Personal touch is Ranjana s mantra to success. Food is truly a celebration of life.Thanks tyf for helping us celebrate life as never before

Jayashree Ravi

"On the go" is one of my favourite restaurants. I like the place because it is a "fine dine" restaurant. For me, it starts with the walk way and little open space in front. The granite pavement stones and foliage on both sides, sets the the tone for the evening. The ambience is great and place uncluttered. With its evenings of drama, song and dance it is really a place "on the go". Lastly the food is simply great!!

Rajpal and Chanda

Thats y food was our first love & then came on the go. Their mud souffle has become a must-do in coimbatore. Its not just about the food, On the go has now come to symbolize a love for fun & food; playing host to seasonal acts, gigs, etc. We simply love it.

Archana Devdas

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